Our Story
REO & Sons Fuel was started in 2007 by Bob Osipower.  Bob had been a certified tennis teaching
professional for 30 years before his employer decided to restructure the fitness club where he
worked, eliminating the tennis portion.  When an opportunity to purchase that tennis club fell
through, he began to focus more on his side excavation business.

One day while looking for excavation equipment, he met an oil company owner who was selling
commercial trucks.  They developed a relationship based on their common Christian background,
and eventually developed a mentor/mentee relationship as the owner helped Bob to start his own
home heating oil delivery business.

Bob started as a one-man-show, driving, delivering, and taking orders on his cell phone
throughout the day.  He took pride in his care for his customers, and his low price guarantee.  
These two traits continue to be the hallmark of REO & Sons today.

Within 3 years, Bob could not keep up with the amount of orders that he had.  He hired a local fire
fighter to drive a second truck.  For the next 3 years, they worked together as the business
continued to grow.  In 2012, the driver left to start his own business in his hometown, with Bob
helping him along the way.

By 2013, business had grown so dramatically that office support was needed.  Nearing the end of
a long career teaching Catholic elementary school, Bob’s wife Sharon “retired” to meet the
growing needs of REO & Sons.  Together they have teamed to serve an ever growing customer
base, focusing on their Christian values.

While the company continues to grow today, a sincere focus is being placed on maintaining the
values that set us apart: God, family, safety, dependability, and financial stability.

As for the “Sons”, they are both using their mechanical engineering degrees as managers at large
US manufacturing companies.  They help when they can from afar, with such things as website
design, IT support, and strategic planning.

REO & Sons…come for the price, stay for the service.
REO & Sons Fuel
Come for the price...stay for the service!

Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm
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