What is it?
Neighbor’s Day is a community based program that allows REO & Sons to optimize
our delivery routes.  
By streamlining our deliveries, we are able to operate at a
lower cost, and we share this savings with you!

How does it work?
Our entire delivery area has been grouped into regions.  Each region is given a
specific day of the month that is their “Neighbors Day”.  
Our customers can order
fuel for their Neighbors Day at an ADDITIONAL $.03 off our already low
 High volume locations may have more than one Neighbors Day per month.
Due to the fluctuating price of oil, Neighbors Day orders can be placed no earlier than
3 days in advance; price will be determined the day before delivery.

What if I need oil now?
Neighbors Day is an optional program.  You can also order as you always have in the
past, without the Neighbors Day discount.

When is my Neighbors Day?
Click the link below to see our Neighbors Day chart.
 Find your town on the left,
and your Neighbors Day(s) will be on the right.  If your town is not listed, use the
nearest town and please let us know when ordering.

How do I claim the lower price?
When filling out the online order form, check the Neighbors Day box, and our
team will schedule your delivery for the next Neighbors Day in your area.
always, all orders will be confirmed by phone, are subject to the minimum delivery
sizes, and all deliveries are COD only.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 267-374-6400, and we will be glad
to help you!

*Neighbors Days are subject to change, but we will do our best to NOT CHANGE the days so that you can plan
more easily.
Save an ADDITIONAL $.03 off per gallon by joining our
Neighbors Day program!
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